Mobile Data Communications for Law Enforcement

Atlas Labs (formerly Logic Data Systems) provides comprehensive data communications systems for various law enforcement applications including mobile field reporting, eCitation, MDCs/MDTs, LPRs, and GIS. Increase officer safety with automated GPS reporting coupled with multiple sensor inputs for G-Force, panic alarms, and gun rack access.

Using Atlas Labs' cellular WiFi access points enable law enforcement agencies to use one cellular plan for multiple field applications from a single hardware platform, resulting in robust and cost effective real-time communications. Atlas Labs rugged cellular modems combine multiple systems into one low power black box for consolidated communications.

Law Enforcement Solutions Infographic
Mobile Data Computers (MDCs/MDTs)
Mobile Data Terminal

The L-5500 provides MDCs/MDTs secured internet access via ethernet or WiFi. An integrated GPS receiver broadcasts the vehicle's location to multiple devices on the vehicle network, saving on equipment costs, power consumption, and extraneous maintenance.

Using the integrated IPSec VPN tunnel, departments can segregate their MDC/CAD traffic from other vehicle data while maintaining one cellular data plan.

eCitation Connectivity

Improve the time and accuracy of ticketing with the ability to send eCitations from the field to your headquarters in real time. Use the built-in wireless to broadcast WiFi around your vehicles for continuous eCitation connectivity.

Wirelessly print citations to your vehicle mounted printer via WiFi or one of the two L-5500 ethernet ports.

License Plate Recognition (LPR/ALPR)
License Plate Recognition Connectivity

Keep your License Plate Recognition (LPR) databases synched remotely in real-time across your entire fleet, keeping your resources in the field.

DVR / Dash-Cam
Dash Camera Event Uploading

Upload DVR events remotely as they occur or interface your DVR alarm output to one of the many digital inputs on the L-5500 for real-time notifications of important events.

RMS & GIS Database Access
Database Access

Give officers access to GIS and RMS databases in the field. With the ability to connect a number of devices such as MDC's, tablets, and PDA's, officers can reduce radio traffic by directly accessing important data securely from the field.

GPS Tracking

Improve officer availability and response times by using the L-5500 with your CAD/AVL platform. The built in GPS chipset enables streaming data locally to on-board computers or remote CAD/AVL servers for real time vehicle tracking.

For added reliability, configure the L-5500 to report GPS data directly to your CAD system's AVL server, ensuring continuous GPS tracking even during MDC failure.

Sensor Monitoring
Sensor Monitoring

Connect temperature sensors on K-9 units to be alerted in real-time when vehicle temperatures exceed a preset threshold, or receive notifications when the gun-rack is accessed.

Use the L-5500 wireless router for real time alerting of conditions in the field, or historical logging of events for analysis at a later time.


CAD Integrated AVL/GPS with streaming location data direct to AVL servers or CAD, with or without an MDC.
eCitation data sent from the field in real time.
Vehicle Health Monitoring to prevent dangerous drop in battery voltage.
Mobile Data Computers (MDCs/MDTs) connectivity over the integrated VPN.
License Plate Recognition (LPR/ALPR) databases synced remotely, in real time.
In-Vehicle DVR or "Dash Cam" events uploaded remotely via cellular or WiFi.
Access Local, State, and Federal Databases on a separate, segregated VPN from other vehicle network traffic.
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