Mobile Data Communications for EMS

Designed around the needs of public safety, the L-5500 is an industry leader in performance and reliability. The always-on cellular connection ensures hassle free operation as vehicles travel in and out of coverage.

With an integrated VPN, Wi-Fi access point, and high sensitivity GPS receiver, the L-5500 consolidates multiple devices into one for greater reliability, minimal power consumption, and reduced cost. Use the L-5500 to stream GPS data to in-vehicle mapping applications while simultaneously streaming to multiple remote servers for redundant vehicle tracking and AVL (automatic vehicle location). Consolidate your costly data plans for CAD/AVL, GPS tracking, ePCR, and more into a single, robust platform.

Electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) Connectivity
ePCR Connectivity

Improve the time and accuracy of patient billing with the ability to send ePCR's from the field to your headquarters in real time. Broadcast WiFi around your vehicles for continuous ePCR connectivity. Send sensitive patient information over a secure network for increased HIPAA compliance.

The L-5500 is used with major ePCR vendors such as ImageTrend, WebMedicPro, Sansio, and Zoll to name a few.

CAD Integrated GPS Tracking / AVL

Improve unit availability and response times by using the L-5500 with your CAD/AVL platform. The built in GPS chipset enables streaming data locally to onboard computers or remote CAD & AVL servers for real time vehicle tracking. Use the GPS tracking system to calculate odometer readings for accurate billing of fractional mileage.

The L-5500 easily integrates with CAD vendors such as RescueNet/Zoll, Tiburon, TriTech, and more.

Telemedicine Connectivity

Transmit 12-lead cardiac monitor information from the field to the hospital in real time. Reduce door to balloon time by sharing vital cardiac activity from the field over the L-5500's WiFi interface.

The L-5500 works with WiFi enabled defibrillators from vendors such as Zoll, Philips, and Physio.

Vehicle Sensor Monitoring & Remote Triggering
Temperature and sensor monitoring

Monitor and log a wide variety of vehicle sensors including some of the following*:

  • Compartment temperature
  • Drug box temperature
  • Battery voltage
  • Use of emergency lights
  • Seat belt use

Remotely unlock your vehicles from the dispatch center or alert crews with in cab audible alarms.

* Compatible GPS tracking or monitoring platform may be required.


The L-5500 enables a wide variety of data-connected applications to be deployed on your fleet vehicles. The following is just a sampling of uses.

Fractional Mileage calculation and upload for billing systems.
CAD/Mobile Data Computer (MDCs) connectivity over the integrated VPN.
Remote Drug Box Management over ethernet or WiFi.
Sensor Input Monitoring for patient compartment temperature, low battery voltage, or seat belt use.
Real-time ECG/EKG transmission to the hospital or cardiac center.
Electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) uploading to billing systems in real-time.


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