Vehicle Antennas

Though often overlooked in wireless data deployments, antenna systems play a major role in the reliability and speed of wireless links. A poorly selected or improperly installed antenna can have devastating consequences ranging from slow data throughput to complete loss of connectivity.

To ensure the best possible performance, Atlas Labs antennas are manufactured to specifications designed around the unique and sensitive mission of public safety agencies. The versatility and performance of the Atlas Labs antennas have been tested and vetted by some of the most sophisticated and demanding agencies in the US.

About Diversity and MIMO Antennas

To achieve the fastest possible connection, high speed cellular data devices employ antenna configurations known as Diversity and MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output). These configurations consist of using two similar antennas for the cellular link, spaced a minimum distance apart.

Atlas Labs recommends that all customers deploying cellular data modems use Diversity or MIMO antennas. This is typically accomplished by installing two LDS-8-SMA antennas on the vehicle spaced at least 1.5 feet apart (based on the lowest operating frequency of 700 MHz).

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LD-8 Multiband Antenna

The LD-8 is designed specifically for the L-5500 and is used by customers across the U.S. for its versatile design and sleek look.