Atlas Labs (Formerly Logic Data Systems)

Wireless connectivity redefined.

Atlas Labs designs and supports integrated mobile data communications systems for some of the largest population centers in the US.

From integrated cellular routers for connectivity on ambulances, to vehicle tracking systems on tow trucks, Atlas Labs spans the connectivity universe for unparalleled expertise in connecting your staff.

Why Choose Us

Technological Superiority
We leverage the latest in technology to bring unique and comprehensive designs to our customers. We leave no stone unturned when exploring creative solutions to business needs.
Commitment to Excellence
From customer service to product quality, our unwavering commitment to excellence means we're always refining the way we do business.

Our History

Atlas Labs (then Logic Data Systems) established with the goal of providing best in class connectivity and consulting services.
Industry's first health care access point is born as Bluetooth is added to the L-5500 for integrated high power Bluetooth connectivity with cardiac monitors.
Logic Data Systems becomes Atlas Labs and releases the xLTE Vehicle Router.