L-5500 Rugged Mobile WiFi Hotspot with GPS

Designed around the needs of public safety, the L-5500 is an industry leader in performance and reliability. The always-on cellular connection ensures hassle free operation as vehicles travel in and out of coverage.

One Device - Multiple Cellular Networks

With an embedded Gobi 3000 cellular module, customers can configure the L-5500 for virtually any cellular network including Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T - without the need to swap or replace hardware. Standardize your fleet with one box that allows on the fly configuration changes between carriers.

Integrated VPN

Save costs on deployment and management while providing secure connectivity for sensitive field applications such as ePCR (electronic patient care reporting) and eCitation using the built-in IPSec tunneling capabilities.

Integrated VPN software securely connects your vehicle and office networks seemlessly and reliably without the need for separate software on your field computers.

Ethernet Connectivity

Dual 10/100 Mbps ethernet ports provide reliable network connectivity to multiple devices including mobile data computers (MDCs), printers, cameras, and network scanners.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

With integrated Wi-Fi, the L-5500 may be configured as either an access point for turning vehicles into mobile hotspots, or as a client for attaching to existing access points for low cost internet backhaul.

GPS Reporting

Eliminate costly integration fees and ensure redundancy by configuring the L-5500 to report GPS position data to three (3) remote destinations simultaneously.

In addition to the industry standard NMEA and TAIP reporting protocols, the L-5500 also supports binary protocols for efficient transmission and reporting of combined GPS and sensor data.

Power Management

With built in power management, power tamers and shutdown timers are a thing of the past. The L-5500 can be configured to power itself down after a predetermined period following vehicle shutdown, or when the battery voltage drops below the configured level.

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Key Features
High Speed Internet using built-in GSM/CDMA cellular card. Compatible with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.
WiFi Hotspot for internet access up to 300 feet away from the vehicle. Supports Open, WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security.
Integrated GPS streams position data to in-vehicle applications and remote servers for real-time vehicle tracking.
Always-on connectivity ensures connections are automatically brought back online as vehicle moves in and out of coverage areas.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) maintains encrypted tunnel between vehicle and backend systems, allowing field staff to seemlessly connect to office network.
L-5500 with Garmin navigation device and data cable.